How "live" is the live tracking? | fleetlog

How "live" is the live tracking?

With Fleetlog, the data you see should be at most 40 seconds out of date. The whole process looks like this:

With our recommended settings, each device reports its position when vehicle's angle changes by at least 15 degrees or it moves by at least 300 meters or the time since the last report is at least 30 seconds, whichever comes first. It takes a few seconds for a device to receive GPS signal and process it. Then, some more information is collected and the data is sent to our servers via 3G network – which might take another couple of seconds. Another part is processing on our servers – this takes less than a second.

At this point, the data is in our database and you can see it. All summed up and adding some delays – it's about 40 seconds.