Places | fleetlog


Give names to interesting or important locations.

If you and your drivers driveto the same places often, it would by easier to read locations like "Sydney office" instead of "4567 Hardtoremember St., Sydney’". With Places you can give names to all locations that are important to you.

Benefits of Places

  • your own location names tell you more clearly where your drivers drive
  • save time, because you don't need to view the address location on map

How to use it

Create a place

Go to Places and click the Add place button.

Use the drawing tools and draw area around a place that is interesting for you. You can use the hints of most visited places below in the list.

Give the place a name and save it.

Now will Fleetlog show it’s name instead of those long addresses.

Edit or delete place

To edit a place click the edit button and than you can edit the place name or change the area on map.

To delete a place use the delete button and all your locations at this place will be restored to old addresses.