Logbook | fleetlog


Logbook is the most important part of Fleetlog.

It shows where your vehicles drove during each day.

In Fleetlog trips starts when the ignition is turned on and ends when it's turned off.

How to use it

Viewing trips

Use the navigation to switch between days.
HINT: use the left and right arrow keys to quickly navigate between days

On the map you see all the trips driven on a day. The numbers are points of the trips, with they help you see the direction where your driver drove.

In the trip list you can see information about every trip - like the address and the time from where your driver started and where did he drive, the distance and how long took it took to the destination.

Simply click on any trip if you want to get more details about it.

Now you see additional info like why your driver has such a trip score. With the buttons on the bottom you can change the details of the trip or write a note.

Use the arrows on the top navigate between the daily trips. With this function you can easy review the whole day.
HINT: you can use the up and down arrow keys too

To export the whole day trips, use the Export button on the top of the trip list.

The speed chart

The speed chart shows you the speed at any moment during the day. You can use it to confirm what happened. Click on a blue chunk and the trip will be opened and shown on map.

Go over the blue chunks with your mouse, to exactly see where the vehicle was and how fast was it going.

HINT: scroll with your mouse to zoom in/out of chart to increase accuracy.