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Live Map

See what's happening in your fleet right now

Before Fleetlog, many customers wasted their time calling drivers to check where they are or why they are late. More vehicles meant more calls and more time wasted.

Live map changes that. The fleet manager now has an overview of vehicle locations. And in combination with places it's even more effective, especially if your drivers often visit the same locations.

HINT: Keep live map open all day and see what’s happening with your fleet.

Benefits of live map use

  • You don't need to call your drivers and ask where they are, you see it
  • See whether your driver is on a trip or having a break
  • See your whole fleet at the same time
  • Use Google Street View to view the surroundings of your vehicles.

How to use it

By default, all vehicles are shown on the map. A green marker indicates that the car is moving.

Use the Watch buttons to select only the vehicles that interest you. The map will follow them and focus on them.

When you pan the map with your mouse, watch mode turns off automatically and you can zoom in, out, drag the map etc. If you want to continue watching the selected vehicles use the watch mode switch on the top of the vehicle list.

Vehicles that are close to each other are grouped in clusters. The number on the marker tells you how many vehicles there are. Click on a cluster to zoom in on those vehicles.