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Installation best practices

Even though each device model is different, there are some common best practices.

  • SIM card should be inserted when the device has no power (some devices check whether they have a SIM card only after starting)
  • Wires should be connected while module is not plugged in.
  • Wires should be fastened to the other wires or non-moving parts. Avoid heat emitting and moving objects near the wires, modules or antennas
  • If the wires are placed in the exterior or in places where they can be damaged or exposed to heat, humidity, dirt, etc., additional isolation should be applied.
  • Wires must not be connected to on-board computers or control units.

Connecting the power source

Check if the power is still available on this wire, even after the car computer falls asleep (which might take up to 30 minutes) when the module is connected, check the voltage again if it did not decrease it is recommended to connect to the main power cable in the fuse box.

Connecting ignition wire

This is absolutely necessary to be able to say when your trips started and when they ended.

  • Check whether it's really an ignition wire – power does not disappear while starting the engine
  • Check whether it's not an ACC wire (because when key is in the first position, most electronics of the vehicle are available)
  • Check whether the power is still available after you turn off any of vehicles devices (e.g. radio)

Placing antennas

  • Avoid placing antennas under metal surfaces
  • Avoid easily reachable places
  • Antennas should be be placed so its state as horizontal as possible (if the GPS antenna is leant more than 30 degrees, it is considered incorrect mounting).