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API Changelog


  • add tag attribute to the user object. tag is an object with id, short and long properties.


  • The trip object attributes start_area_name, start_datetime, start_geocode, odometer_start, start_address, end_area_name, end_datetime, end_geocode, odometer_end, end_address have been moved to the start_position or the last_position object. The attribute finished has been added.


  • send 200 OK for DELETE /places/:id


  • The exclusive_datetime filter has been added to get trips endpoint.


  • Send 403 - Forbidden instead of 401 when user with no admin permissions has accessing to routes GET /users, PATCH /vehicles/:id, PATCH trips/:id, /subscriptions*.
  • fields harsh_cornerings, rough_brakes, hard_accelerations added to trip object.


  • fields latitude and longitude are not longer returned as String, but as Float with precision 7 digits after the decimal point
  • Vehicle object has new attribute: created - ISO 8601 Date of creation.


  • Update a trip: return an updated trip object in response.
  • Update a vehicle: return an updated vehicle object in response.