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Activity Log

A new way to show activity of your fleet during the day.

While watching our customers and talking to them about how they use Fleetlog, we have found out that the single most popular action is to go to My Fleet and just click through every vehicle and check where everybody drove that day, when they started, when they finished, when did they go for a lunch etc.

It was quite slow to do this the way - clicking through all vehicles, waiting for a map to load and show if anything important happened during the day.

Activity log is a new and simpler way to do this. You can still use map or logbook to get a detailed view on specific vehicle, but activity log should give you enough insight to save your time for just the important events.

Benefits of activity log use

  • gives you a quick overview of every day of all vehicles and their trips
  • shows when your drivers start and finish their work
  • groups trips based on when and how much your people drive
  • easily click-through and get a detailed view of a specific trip
  • highlights dangerous driving style

How to use it

Use the navigation on the top to switch to the day, you want to see.

When your driver has driven more trips over a short period of time, the trips are grouped. Each bigger cluster has its own summarized time and distance driven from it trips.

Every cluster can indicate your drivers driving style. Bad driving style can cause higher fuel consumption.

  • Green cluster: great driving style, over 9.1
  • Yellow cluster: good driving, between great and bad ranking
  • Green cluster: bad driving style, under 7.1

The highest value of the driving style is 10.

Pulsing clusters indicating, that the vehicles are moving right now.

To view more details about trips, click on a cluster.

Now you have a short overview of trips and breaks that your driver did. If you want see more details to this trip, click on in and you will redirected to the logbook.